Welcome to the Ohio Section - American Water Works Association

A better Ohio through Better Water!

The Ohio Section - American Water Works Association is here to support our members through education, training events, and connection. As a part of the OAWWA community, you can stay informed on the state of water infrastructure, treatment, quality, regulation, legislation, distribution, sustainability and more, covering the full spectrum of the water cycle. We provide multiple learning opportunities throughout the year, with local section events, AWWA conferences, online opportunities, and our Annual 2024 One Water Joint Technical Conference.

Join the Ohio Section - American Water Works Association to enjoy member benefits including online resources, training events at a member rate, and the opportunity to connect with the community around you. Engage with others in your district and throughout Ohio, and learn more about OAWWA to help us build a better Ohio through better water!

Are you ready to become a 2024 OAWWA Sponsor?

The Ohio Section has created the sponsorship program to streamline the multiple sponsorships and advertising opportunities available throughout the year as well as introducing a few new opportunities. With your generous support, you will not only support the industry that supports your business, you will also be aiding the Ohio Section in funding outreach efforts, operator education, and much more!

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