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The Asset Management Committee is the focal group for developing Association policies and programs on asset management, and for educating members on the technical and cost-benefit aspects of adopting optimal asset management practices. The committee reviews technical practices and disseminates information available to the membership regarding asset management and life cycle management terminology, technologies, and techniques. In addition, the committee develops and implements activities that will increase industry awareness of asset management and its associated efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities.

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What does the Asset Management Committee do?

Members of the Asset Management Committee are active all year around to promote and educate Ohio AWWA members on the concepts and benefits of infrastructure asset management. Our activities include:

  • Solicit abstracts for the annual conference. We consistently sponsor quality driven technical sessions at the annual conference by selecting only the best abstracts, along with sponsoring webinars
  • Maintain a web site designed to help Ohio AWWA organizations share stories and ideas that help everyone learn more about asset management.
  • Hold a specialty workshop every other year that focuses on an asset management topic or theme
  • Work with other committees to promote common and complimentary messages
  • Stay current with trends in the national and international family of asset management associations and disseminate new information to members of Ohio AWWA.
  • Stay current with Ohio EPA programs and make the information available to Ohio AWWA members
  • Solicit ideas on how we can improve service to members

How often do we meet?

We meet bi-monthly via teleconference where we update committee members on the status of our various activities and discuss events that may have impact on our mission. We formally meet as a group at the annual conference and we also meet less formally, typically in the spring.

Who should join us?

Any Ohio AWWA member who has a passion for Asset Management or just wants to learn more through involvement in our activities should join us! Join the Asset Management Committee today! Contact Annette Mollet.

Asset Management Committee Documents
Below are links to current Asset Management Committee meeting minutes, committee materials, and recent presentations.

Asset Management Blog

Any Ohio AWWA AM Committee member can join our AM Blog to stay updated on the latest news, events, and ask questions and provide answers related to Asset Management! Click here to access the AM Blog.

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